Only two more days!! Until I’m home that is… I.can.not.wait :)

Since my mind is a little scatterbrained due to finals week, here are a few things that are on my mind at the moment.

this is me. my brain is a little scattered.

– Why is Pinterest so addicting?? I somehow always end up there when I should really be studying… ;)


– Really construction workers? You’re going to work on the new crepe/frozen yogurt/smoothie place DURING finals week when people are trying to study?? (although I am excited to try it out ;) )

– I really like Christmas music. Can you just stay all year-round? Kay, that’d be great :)

– I just want these two dumb finals to be over with!! I think I can, I think I can…

– I want to bake. Now.

let’s start we these, shall we?

– I want to run a marathon, maybe let’s start with a half? :)


– I really need to start packing.

– Not looking forward to said packing.

– I want to watch a Christmas movie (even though I watched like four yesterday…)

– Lord, please let it snow for Christmas :)


– I guess I should get back to studying… (or pinning…jk..kinda)

**I’ll probs be M.I.A tomorrow due to copious amounts of math studying. I’ll be back Wednesday with a celebratory post about how my first semester of college will be DONE!! :)

Peace and Love,


What’s on your mind today?

6 thoughts on “Scatterbrained

  1. Yay! That’s so exciting that you’ll be home in two days. You’re so close!
    I would love to run a marathon one day, as well! But I’m definitely going to start with a half. I was actually just talking to my dad about a training plan for a half. I know I can do a 10K, so I’m almost there. I just need to be brave and sign up for one!

    Good luck with your last two finals! They’ll be over before you know it. Then you can bake and watch Christmas movies until your heart’s content. :)

    1. I never thought that I’d actually want to run one, but I really do after seeing so many people in the blogging community complete them! I need to be brave too and just sign up! I need a goal to work towards ;) I hope you sign up for one, that’d be awesome! And thanks for wishing me luck :)

  2. Just found your blog and thought I would say hi! I’m also a college freshman suffering through finals! love the blog by the way :)

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