Cooking, Cleaning, and Christmas-ing

Remember when I posted about all the recipes I wanted to bake during December? I am pleased to say that I can check three off of my list, as well as a few extra things. Hey I still have like two weeks to finish the rest ;)

Yesterday I made dinner for my fam and adapted Haylie’s Cherry Chicken Sausage Savory Baked Apples and made them vegetarian. 

They were pretty good, but I prefer stuffed squash rather than apples :)

Today I was in the baking mood so I whipped up a batch of Angela’s chocolate chip cookies, but made them a little more festive for the holidays :)

These are chewy, gooey, and oh so delicious :)

Once again, tonight I made dinner for the fam and on the menu happened to be something that is on my list.

I made Jenna’s winter vegetable pot pie (so good!) and Angela’s Holiday Salad with Cranberry Apple Orange Vinaigrette. That dressing never gets old ;) Sorry for not having a pic, but trust me, you should go make some :)

The third thing I made off the list was Gracie’s nutella baked oatmeal last week. I subbed the nutella (I prefer dark chocolate dreams PB, but we were all out) for peanut butter and it was delicious :) I think if I make it again I’ll definitely use dark chocolate dreams for more chocolately deliciousness :)

Besides cooking up a storm these past few days, I have got a bunch of cleaning done, visited with the old daycare I worked at all throughout high school (miss them all so much!), ran in 50 degree weather (!), did barre 3, and managed to watch a Christmas movie. Unfortunately, it was probably the dumbest thing I’ve ever watched. So heads up, don’t watch ABC Family’s Desperately Seeking Santa (unless you want to laugh and make fun of it the whole time ;))

I hope to just soak up as much holiday-ness as I can during break :) Now excuse me as I go find a Christmas movie to watch :)

Peace and Love,


What recipes do you want to make this season?

Do you watch ABC Family’s 25 Days of Christmas?