Daily Archives: January 20, 2012

{1/20} Thoughts From the Day

- Yoga makes me sleepy…but in a good way and I <3 it.

- I really need a job. So like the 10 places I’ve applied, please get back to me. K?

- I need to do something productive…

- Laying on the couch seems so much more appealing.

- I really really want to see ‘The Vow’.

- I made tofu for lunch and actually enjoyed it.

- I really want frozen yogurt.

- Actually Starbucks sounds better.

- Starbucks, can you please deliver?

- I kinda want it to snow. Even though it did yesterday… but I want to see it fall prettily from the sky and not have to drive in it.

- I’m really tired.

- Must be from all sitting and watching reality TV shows ;)

- Have a happy Friday! And do something productive, since I didn’t. Mmkay? :)

Peace and Love,