Single Girls Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day: it’s the one holiday we all either love, or hate. In fact, I think it’s the only holiday that some people don’t like. Aren’t holidays supposed to be fun and enjoyable? Even though Valentine’s Day is technically a “Hallmark Holiday”, I still like the idea of celebrating it.

Something about the pink and red everything popping up in stores makes me happy. Pink is my second favorite color (blue is first ;)) and from my blog name, you all know I love sparkles, so when the too are combined, it makes me very happy :)

Even though I’ll be flyin’ solo this V-Day, there’s still stuff to do either by yourself or with [single] friends and family ;)

1. Make heart-shaped pancakes for breakfast. I’ve stumbled upon a few heart-shaped recipes on Pinterest, but really you could make any normal pancakes, heart-shaped. Either use a pancake mold if you have one, or simply make large pancakes, and when they are done cooking, cut a heart out with a cookie cutter :) And if you wanna get real fancy, maybe sprinkle the top with some pink edible glitter or sprinkles? Sounds good to me :)

my breakfast this morning since I won’t have time to make pancakes on a school day ;)

2. Incorporate pink or red into your outfit. Even if your not celebrating with someone, you can still enjoy the holiday and be “festive”. This way, you don’t seem bitter towards those who are with someone, and show you don’t “hate” Valentine’s Day*.

*if you truly hate Valentine’s Day, see number 5 :)

3. Bake something totally girly, covered in glitter, and doused with pink frosting :). Or just bake something. Whenever there’s a reason to bake, I take that opportunity. Some recipe ideas:

meyer lemon muffins

strawberry shortcake sushi

cookie dough cupcakes

maple donuts (heart-shaped!)

single-serve chocolate cake

4. Pick up a heart-shaped pizza from Papa Murphy’s, and enjoy while watching one of these movies:

– The Notebook

– Letters to Juliet

– Valentine’s Day (<—pick this one, it’s perfect for the occasion ;))

5. If you really truly hate V-Day, then watch *this* movie, wear black all day, and mope around because you just got over a break-up, or just because you really don’t like the holiday. (don’t worry, I won’t judge ;))


Now you have no reason not to enjoy the day, even if you have no one to celebrate it with :)

Peace and Love,


4 thoughts on “Single Girls Valentine’s Day

  1. Haha…I’ll be spending my Valentines Day single this year too. Oh well! I’m planning to just get together with a few of my friends and go to dinner/movie. It should be fun.
    Your heart pancakes are so cute!

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