WIAW: Breaking Up With Dessert

Happy middle of the week! I hope your week is going great so far :) The same-old, same-old beens going on here, except for one small change that’s going to be happening over the next 6 weeks: no more sweets. That’s right, I’m breaking up with dessert ;)

If you are familiar with the Lenten season in church, it is a 6-week period starting on Ash Wednesday lasting until Easter Sunday. During those 40-days you are supposed to give up something, or make a goal and work on it during that time. This year, I’ve decided to say no to sweets. This actually hasn’t been the first time I’ve done this, in 6th grade I gave up all chocolate, and last year I gave up ice cream (but caved a few times ;)). This year, I’m giving all most sugar up.

What this does includes:

-ice cream/fro yo


-candy bars/M&Ms/chocolate bars

What this doesn’t include:

-granola/granola bars


-greek yogurt

-hot chocolate (made with almond milk and dark chocolate)

-nut butters (think Dark Chocolate Dreams)

-the occasional chocolate chips on my oatmeal ;)

Now, lets move on to yesterday’s eats, aka my last day with dessert :)


chocolate chip peanut crunch clif bar and coffee


Angela’s black bean and butternut squash burrito (as a salad) and a cara cara orange 


recycled photo (I had a clif crunch bar instead of a zbar) with a tall soy misto

It’s becoming a pretty bad habit of me getting coffee between my two classes. I need the caffeine to help me focus! I think it actually improves my learning… ;)

My sister was supposed to go out to dinner with her fiance, but since he was sick, I took his place ;)


veggie plate w/ spinach quesadilla, a poblano pepper, and rice (plus unpictured chips and salsa)

I texted my sister during school and asked her if she wanted to get frozen yogurt one last time before lent (she’s giving up dessert too), and so we made a stop after dinner (she actually got Dairy Queen, but I much prefer Orange Leaf ;))


basically every “cake” related flavor, and various toppings

Maybe I went just a little overboard? ;) I had to squeeze everything in there, I mean, 6 weeks worth of fro yo ;)

Have a lovely Wednesday<3

Peace and Love,


Do you celebrate Lent? If so, are you giving something up/working on a goal?

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