Friday Facts

1. The Lorax is a super cute movie. Even though you couldn’t *see* Zac Efron or T. Swift, I think they’d make a cute couple ;)

their parody to “Pumped Up Kicks” was adorable. just sayin’.

2. Friday already? That means my spring break is technically over. That makes me a little sad.

3. This weather is making me very happy, but almost sad at the same time. I know that it should not be this warm in March, and this so called ‘global warming’ is starting to scare me a little.

4. Are spaghetti squash out of season? Because I looked at three different stores and couldn’t find one to make *this*. I’m a little sad. I don’t want to wait until next fall to make that…

5. I’m scheduled to run 7 miles tomorrow. This will be my longest run to date. I’m a little nervous.

6. I haven’t been able to go to yoga at all this month and I miss it.

7. 3 more weeks until I can have some of this (not like I’m counting or anything..):

8. “A-Day” is on Monday for all the Pretty Little Liars fans out there. I’ve been waiting two years for this… ;)

9. I really want another salad from Whole Foods. And a kombucha. I had my first one the other day and I can now say I am officially a fan. 


10. Have a lovely Friday<3

Peace and Love,