The Day I Met Bethenny Frankel

This past Christmas my sister got me hooked on this and then this. At first, I wasn’t sure who Bethenny was. I had heard of her, but knew nothing about her. After five minutes into the first episode, I loved her right away. She is probably the most funniest, craziest (in a good way), and down to earth “celebrity” I’ve ever watched on TV.

Since my sister got both seasons of her show for Christmas, I watched every episode and anticipated her new season to come on Bravo. Now, every Monday, it’s the highlight of my night (or Tuesday morning because let’s be honest, I’m usually in bed by the time it comes on).

After becoming such a huge fan of hers, I knew she had to go on my “list” of people I want to meet before I die, right below Taylor Swift… When I heard she was having a new talk show air in June, I got so excited, and even more excited when she was giving out free tickets on Twitter. But since I don’t live in California (yet), it was highly unlikely that I’d be able to actually go to her show.

About two weeks after learning about that, I got a text from my sister saying she was going to be signing autographs at Sam’s Club in Indianapolis. I might’ve jumped up and down in my seat during class. Oops ;) Something exciting was actually happening in Indiana.

So instead of attending a review session for my last quiz in one of my classes, I went to meet Bethenny Frankel. Totally worth possibly failing a quiz ;)

We arrived at Sam’s about 45 minutes before she was signing, and the wait wasn’t bad at all.

There were probably about 50-75 people ahead of us, but the line moved really fast.

Finally coming out!

personal photo (from a random girl who took a picture of me and Bethenny)

professional photo

up-close autograph (looks like a heart/scribble, but considering how many people she had to sign for, I understand why she probably signs like that!)

I only got about 15 seconds to talk to Bethenny, but she was so sweet and I thought it was so cool that she actually said my name. hehe. I’m so thankful I got to meet her and hopefully one day I’ll get to see (or be on… ;)) her talk show.

After the meet and greet she spoke to us and did a quick Q&A. 

I didn’t have a question to ask her (although I could’ve because the guy who was leading it asked me, haha) but my sister did! That was pretty neat.

We also got to see Jackie (her personal assistant who took Julie’s place) and “Glammy” aka Veronica (her make-up artist/nanny) which was cool and they walked right by us! They looked exactly like they do on TV which was kind of nice to know that they don’t act a particular way just because they’re being filmed.

Overall it was a great day meeting her and I’m still in shock that I actually got to talk to her.

Well, off to my LAST day of classes(!!!!!)

Peace and Love,


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