Inside the Life of Molly {Edition Number Four}

I’m a sucker for surveys, so when I saw this one on Courtney’s blog, you know I had to join in and fill it out for myself.

Coke or Pepsi?

I no longer drink pop, but when I did, I didn’t really have a preference. I drank whatever my mom bought.

Lemonade or fruit punch?

Once again, I don’t drink either, but I used to love lemonade when I was a kid. I’ll still occasionally get frozen lemonade from Panera in the summer. It’s too good to turn down ;)

Caramel apple or cotton candy?

Hmm. I always loved eating cotton candy ice cream when I was a kid, but now I’d pick a caramel apple over cotton candy.

Bruster’s cotton candy was so good. It was always a different color each time I went and if I still lived near one, I’d probably get it.

Butterfinger or Snickers?

Snickers, when it’s atop my frozen yogurt.

Pudding or Jello?

I’m not really a fan of either, but since I think Jello is disgusting, I’ll go with pudding.

Turkey or chicken?


American or Provolone cheese?


Crackers or cookies?

Is that a serious question? I don’t think I know anyone who would pick a cracker over a cookie.

Pretzels or chips?


Mexican food or Japanese food?



Chinese food or Italian food?


Ice cream or cookies?

I’m gonna go with ice cream, but if there’s cookies in the ice cream, that’s even better.

Pasta or pizza?

Pizza, please.

Soda or juice?

Neither. I’ll drink Zevia every once in a while though, so I guess that can be considered soda.

Chocolate bars or chocolate truffles?


Apples or bananas?


Salad or soup?

Salad, the size of a serving bowl preferably.

Cauliflower or broccoli?


Onion rings or french fries?

Do sweet potato fries counts as french fries? I’m gonna say yes.

Blizzard or McFlurry?

This is a toughie. I’m gonna go against the rules again and say a Glacier. If you are unfamilar with those, I am so sorry. You’re missing out.

Fried or poached eggs?

Over-easy, which is basically fried ;)

Crepes or pancakes?

Pancakes. Except they never keep me full. Unless they’re from Ihop and I eat a bajillion of them.

Fall, I love you<3

Hash browns or roasted potatoes?

Roasted. Anything roasted is delicious. Unless it’s meat. Eww, that’s gross.

Oatmeal or cereal?

Oatmeal. But I bet you knew that already. If I eat cereal it’s usually for a snack and not breakfast, because just like pancakes, it doesn’t keep me full.


And I’m off to enjoy the day, starting with a wonderful kickboxing class <3

Peace and Love,


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