Marvelous Monday #3

This week I’m celebrating Marvelous Monday by looking back on the marvelous weekend I had :) Head on over to Katie’s blog to see how other people are making today marvelous, too.

Some pics from the weekend:

1. saturday breakfast=kodiak cakes+protein powder topped with banana cream sauce.

2. real butter and sugar for the cupcakes.

3. in the oven.

4. out of the oven.

5. taste testing.

6. frosting time.

7. close up.

8. outfit of choice for the day.

9. food & drinks for the party.

10. pottery time.

11. the bachelorette herself! (the sash and tiara we’re my present to her and I made her keep them on all night. flashing light included).

12. strawberry basil lemonade.

13. sub-par eggplant parmesan.

14. fro yo overload.

This past weekend was a good one, and I was kind of sad when all the festivities ended. And when I had to work a 7-hour shift the next day… But now today is my day off and I am going to enjoy it by HIITing the gym (I’m so clever), a Starbucks date with the bestie, and just relaxing. I hope you all have a marvelous Monday<3

Peace and Love,


8 thoughts on “Marvelous Monday #3

  1. I love the cupcakes, they are so cute and girly! I love girly stufff haha even though I’m not super girly myself but I’m all for girly foods, it’s so cute after all. I bet the mojito tasted awesome and the food. I hope you had fun at the bachelorette party!

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