Marvelous Monday

Happy Monday<3 It’s been a few weeks since I’ve participated in Katie’s Marvelous Monday, so today that is changing! Check out her blog to see everyone else’s as well<3

Today I made my Monday marvelous by:

-running 3 miles! Baby steps into working my endurance back up.

– going to a vinyasa flow class. I was SO sweaty afterwards. TMI?

– getting my laundry done. lame, but it needed to be done.

– spending a little time poolside.

– receiving an unexpected “package” in the mail:

That would be a coconut from Hawaii that Emily and Jordan sent my family! Who knew you could just stick an entire coconut in the mail? Emily said not to open it or eat it because it can last for up to 60 years! Pretty neat.

– actually baking AND cooking in one day. I had to use up that zucchini some how…

I actually made two recipes that included zucchini: Courtney’s zucchini banana chocolate chip bread and Gina’s crustless zucchini pie. Yummm. I have missed cooking real meals so much. I feel like it’s been forever. I also made Jenna’s roasted carrots with honey ginger glaze to go along with the pie. Dinner tonight was delicious :)

Oh, and did I mention I still have 3/4 of that zucchini left? I see some more zucchini recipes in my very near future.

And with that I’m off to watch TV and read blogs until Bunheads tonight. Exciting stuff, I know.

Peace and Love,




9 thoughts on “Marvelous Monday

  1. I love vinyasa flow yoga! Whenever I go to a yoga class and I tell people how sweaty and tired I get from the class, they say “but in yoga, don’t you just sit and breathe the whole time.” haha, little do they know ;)

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