WIAW: Labor Day Eats

Happy Wednesday, already? I guess having a Monday that felt like a Sunday, means the week goes by quicker. Fine by me! This week, instead of taking pictures of what I ate yesterday like I normally do, I decided to document all the delicious meals I ate on Labor Day.

Monday was also my first day back as just a vegetarian, and not a vegan. I’m proud to say I made it the entire seven days with no eggs/milk/cheese/ice cream. If I could do it, anyone can ;)


pumpkin OIAJ topped with dark chocolate almond granola

black coffee

Monday I opened up my first can of pumpkin. I made myself wait until it was officially September to buy a can, and it was so worth the wait.


salad with roasted veggies all topped with hummus

pink lady apple with pumpkin dip (1T almond butter, 2T pumpkin, 1T almond milk, heated up for 25 seconds)

Salads like that I could eat every.single.day. And just to clarify, that bowl is actually a serving bowl, not a cereal bowl. Go big or go home ;) I was going to just have almond butter with my apple, but saw that can of pumpkin staring back at me from the fridge. Combining them both was a pretty good decision :)

After finding out I didn’t have to work my call-in (yay!), and finishing my homework, I headed to the kitchen to make a few things for dinner that night. First up: dessert. Emily invited us over to her and Jordan’s apartment for dinner, and I offered to make something to bring. After browsing Pinterest and some recipes I bookmarked, I ended up choosing Alyssa’s vegan golden oreo blondies

And I licked that bowl clean since I didn’t have to worry about raw eggs (but let’s be honest, I still always lick the batter when I make non-vegan baked goods).

I also volunteered to make a salad, and chose Jessica’s triple berry kale salad. I only used strawberries and blueberries, and it was delicious. The avocado is what makes that salad in my opinion. So good :)


chocolate-covered raisins

After arriving at Emily and Jordan’s, I stole some of Jordan’s chocolate-covered raisins. He just a little bit obsessed with them.


kale salad, sweet potato biscuit, corn-off-the cob

Since Emily was making steak for everyone else, I went back for seconds thirds on the salad ;) But I still managed to save room for dessert.


blondie with vanilla bean frozen yogurt

Slightly under-baked = perfection. I suggest you try making those sometime. Vanilla ice cream or froyo optional ;)

Have a great Wednesday! Let’s hope the rest of the week goes as fast as it already has :)

Peace and Love,


15 thoughts on “WIAW: Labor Day Eats

  1. You are quite the baker! All of that stuff looks fabulous. I loove that oreos are vegan…hehe:)

    I’ve actually never put roasted veggies on my salads! Do you put them on cold or warm?

  2. I’ve been thinking about those blondies ever since I saw your post on instagram! I seriously cannot WAIT to make them. Yeeee!
    And I love that kale salad recipe. It sounds like you all had a fun night together. (:

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