The Story of My [Itchy Leg] 5K

This past year I have fallen in love with running. If you would have told me that three years ago, I would have laughed. I was the girl who struggled to finish ‘the mile’ in PE in the allotted amount of time. Running was always my least favorite thing to do in gym and I never understood why people chose to run for fun.

My family still laughs at the fact that three years ago I was practically in tears for having to walk 3 miles. I guess I should tell you that story…

My family and I all did a 5K turkey trot in Detroit on Thanksgiving morning since we were there visiting family. My dad and sister had done the race a few times before, even the 10K, and so we decided to do it as a family. Since none of us were runners, we all decided to walk the 5K together. I remember it was freezing outside, we were running late (shocker), and I wasn’t too happy my parents were making me walk THREE miles (that’s just SO far ;)).

Let me tell you, those three miles felt like thirty. And the whole entire time my legs were itching like crazy. Has that every happened to you? It has got to be one of the worst feelings in the world. I’m pretty sure my out-of-shapeness (totally a word) was the main reason for it, and probably the coldness and dry legs contributed too. I just remember whining the whole time because my legs hurt so bad and would not stop itching. I remember the runners passing us who were doing the 10K and thinking “why on earth would you choose to run in the freezing cold, double the amount of what I’m walking!?”. I’m pretty sure I vowed to myself that day that I would never become a runner. I almost didn’t even finish the race because I wanted to quit. Actually, now that I think of it, I don’t think I truly finished. I cut a corner (such a rebel) because I just wanted the itching to stop!

So anyways, that’s my “funny” story. My parents remind me of it all the time (especially this past Thursday, because I happened to be wearing the shirt from that race. Ironic much?), and it always makes me laugh.

aka “the itchy race shirt”

Anyways, I promise this post actually has a meaning. I didn’t mean for it to be this long, I was really only just going to tell you I’m running another half marathon, but I guess sharing that story made it more interesting ;)

In two weeks from Sunday, I’m running the Santa Hustle half with my best friend. I was planning to do the Santa Hustle for a while now, but only the 5K. After completing the Monumental Half Marathon, I wanted to run another. What can I say, running/races are addicting. [Says the girl who couldn’t finish a 5K walk.]

Since I had already been training for the Monumental, I figured I’d just extend my training and keep up with a few long runs, hence the 9 and 10 miler I did the past two weekends. As I mentioned above, my best friend is running this race too. This will be her first half, and first “running” race in general. I sorta convinced her to start running at the beginning of this year and I’m so excited to now actually run a race with her! I have no goal times for this race or really any expectations. My only “goal” for this race, is to cross that finish line next to my bff. Whether we finish in 2:15 or 3:00, I’ll be happy.

And did I mention the race t-shirt looks like Santa Claus’ suit? And you get a Santa hat and beard to wear too?

Talk about fun :) Actually, I take back what I said earlier. I do have one expectation: to have fun.

Okay ending this post now. Sorry it became so long and full of probably not very interesting stories. Moral of this post: I used to hate running, I walked a 5K with itchy legs, I fell in love with running, and now I’m running a third half marathon this year. The end.

Peace and Love,


Do you like running? If so, what’s you favorite distance?

Have you ever done a Christmas-themed race before?

15 thoughts on “The Story of My [Itchy Leg] 5K

  1. I NEVER ran in school. Like ever. I always had an excuse for the mile during physical fitness tests! I walked it one year – in 18 mins. lol

    I am jealous. I have never done a Christmas race before but it sounds so fun!

    1. Haha I remember in 1st grade I had to redo the mile run because I was so slow. It was slightly embarrassing ;) I definitely think I walked a few in school as well. This will be my first Christmas-themed run so I’m excited and hoping it is all that it seems to be!

  2. I just saw a show about this race on the Travel Channel! I said I wanted to race it with a santa-themed tutu or skirt (and running leggings) on because they looked like they were having so much fun!! totally jealous : )

  3. I never would have thought I’d be a half-marathoner, but now I can’t picture myself any other way. My favorite race distance is definitely a half marathon, but I’ll go on 8 or 9-milers a couple times a week, just because I love it.

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