Wink Frozen Dessert {Review}

I think I’ve mentioned once or twice (okay probably like a hundred) times on here about how much I love ice cream. That and vegetables are my two favorite food groups. I know, right. While I’m never one to turn down ice cream, sometimes you just want something lighter and a tad healthier. Enter: Wink!

About a month ago I reached out to a company called “Wink”. I had heard of them from another blogger, and was intrigued by their product.  Wink comes in 5 delicious flavors, with only 25 calories per serving. Sounds skeptical I know, but here me out. Look at the ingredients:get-attachment.aspx

Nothing funky, and also, no major allergens either!get-attachment.aspx

I was sent five different flavors to try out: cake batter, cinnamon bun, choco-mint, cocoa-dough and iced latte. get-attachment.aspx

I dug into cake batter first because who doesn’t love cake? The verdict? It actually takes like cake batter! I would describe the consistency of Wink to that of Italian ice or frozen almond milk if you’ve ever had it. When I went to Subzero once last year I tried almond milk as my base and Wink reminds me a lot like that!

While it’s no traditional ice cream, it’s still a nice treat when you’re craving something cold and sweet, but don’t feel like fully indulging in a pint of Jen & Berry’s (or something along those lines ;) ).

Out of all five flavors cake batter and cinnamon bun were my favorite, followed closely by cocoa-dough. I also love the fact that you can totally eat the entire pint without feeling one ounce of guilt. I’m all about voluminous foods over here.

Wink is only offered in select stores across the US which you can check out *here* OR if you don’t live anywhere near those locations, just print a store request form and bring it to your local grocer! They love spreading the love of Wink to more customers. You can also order off of their website if you wish.

Now excuse me so I can go eat some cake batter ;)get-attachment.aspx



*Please note I received Wink in exchange for a blog review. I was not compensated in any other way and all opinions are my own.

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