It’s okay…

…if you skip your workout to stay in bed with your sleepy, cuddly cat to read blogs instead.

…if you haven’t washed your hair since Sunday.

…if you listen to old CDs just to feel nostalgic.

…if you skip your second class at school to go to Starbucks with your bestie instead.

…if you purposely leave just the right amount of nut butter left in the jar so you can make OIAJ the next morning.

…if you “forget” to study for an exam.

…if you motivate yourself to do homework with food.

…if you haven’t washed your reusable water bottle all week long.

…if you don’t wear make-up to school because you’re too tired and lazy and also want breakfast like right now.

…if your only plan for getting a bikini body is to buy a bikini to put on your body.

I may or may not fall victim to all of the things listed above. (ps-thanks Carly for the idea of this post).



16 thoughts on “It’s okay…

  1. I have definitely been listening to old CDs lately and reminiscing the good ol’ days…Lizzie McGuire Movie Soundtrack to be specific ;)

  2. Love it. ALL of it. I need a day to just lounge in bed and around the house… Sounds like a mini-vacation in my mind! Make-up sometimes just isn’t worth it…especially when you go to work and sit in front of a computer all day.

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