Wasn’t I just typing up last week’s What I Ate Wednuesday post? Seriously where has this summer gone? This is already my last full week of camp. Pure craziness I tell you. Onto the food!


yogurt with PB2, a baked Quest bar, and granola IAJ

This breakfast doesn’t really get old. It’s so good. You’re probably sick of seeing it. Sorrynotsorry ;) Coffee on the side too.


grilled tilapia with a baked sweet potato + an [unpictured] apple

That picture is actually my dinner from last night, but I packed the same thing for lunch yesterday :) Such a good meal!images


I may have eaten a few of those seen above (but chocolate cake with chocolate frosting :) ) that we decorated during camp. I remember making those when I was younger for birthdays. Such a fun treat.


After the gym I was a little hungry and not quite ready for dinner so I had a KIND bar. It was all melty from being in my backpack all day and it made it taste even better.


zucchini bread + scrambled eggs with roasted vegetables 

I was looking through my old blog posts (does anyone else ever do that on their blog??) and came across a meal I used to eat a lot last year. I made a batch of zucchini bread on Sunday and have been enjoying it daily since. One of my favorites!


oatmeal squares, blueberries, AB cup, and almond milk

Picture is from a few weeks ago (also I wasn’t watching OTH this time, hehe), but it was basically the same, except this time it was a homemade almond butter cup. Which in my opinion, taste even better than the real thing ;)

Have a lovely Wednesday<3




13 thoughts on “Wednuesday

  1. That dinner! YUM. Now I’m craving zucchini bread, haha. Can’t wait until it’s ready in my garden!
    Okay. Is there a reason you spelled Wednesday with a U? Or am I missing something.. haha!

  2. Your breakfast is making me swoon. I’d never thought of baking a quest bar AND adding it to pb2 and yogurt. You my friend are revolutionary! Also, tour dinner looks amazing. I don’t have any zucchini bread (even though you’re making me crave it), so I suppose some banana bread will have to suffice xx

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