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day 11.

525x525xseptember-blogging-challenge-2_thumb.png.pagespeed.ic.RGHHT6ZWBr11. Make a wish.get-attachment.aspx

For myself on my birthday,

I wish for a year of new opportunities and new experiences.

I wish to keep loving myself more and more every single day.

I wish to live in the moment as much as I possibly can.

I wish for happiness.

I wish to not let fear control me.

I wish for motivation and determination.

I wish to step out of my comfort zone more than I probably want to.

I wish for new friendships.

I wish to let go of the things I cannot control.

I wish for dreams becoming reality. 

I wish for a year full of possibilities.



SBC {days 9&10}

525x525xseptember-blogging-challenge-2_thumb.png.pagespeed.ic.RGHHT6ZWBrFor these two days I’m gonna do them a little different, if that’s alright with ya’ll. Since all I wear during the week is pretty much yoga pants, I don’t think you really wanna see a picture of that. Also, since I just did a ‘day in the life’ post last week, I’m gonna count that for number 10 :) So for day 9, here are some outfits I wish I currently had in my closest ;)

9. OOTD. 80e658b5bc14aecaaf5f44b65d8c376d 4effae8d5820b551ef09c736705732e9 b8ac6a0200492f10d52415304136e89d 40e258ce2c92038cc940ed535dcd3ebd

obsessed with her hair.

10. Day in the life.

Make today a good one<3



SBC {days 5,6,7,&8}

I already forgot about this challenge and we’re barely a week in. Way to go me ;) Time to play catch up! Here are days 5-8:525x525xseptember-blogging-challenge-2_thumb.png.pagespeed.ic.RGHHT6ZWBr

5. Top five highlights from summer.

In no particular order…

1. Blend!!get-attachment.aspx

2. Working at summer camp.

3. Seeing Hunter Hayes.

4. Going to Chicago.get-attachment.aspx

5. Having a low-key summer in general.

6. Six things about fall you’re looking forward to.

1. Pumpkin everything.

2. Pumpkin spice lattes (they deserve their own bullet).


4. The clothes. (big sweaters, boots, and scarves thankyouverymuch).

5. Cool, crisp, breezy weather.

6. My sister‘s wedding!!

7. Seven things you’d like to work on/improve about yourself.

1. My confidence.

2. Letting go of fear of rejection/failure.

3. Stop letting other peoples opinions get to me.

4.  Work on just being myself, without caring what other people think.

5. Train for my 6th half marathon.

6. Being more patient.

7. Be friendly to everyone I meet.

8. Eight things I love about myself.

1. My ability to be independent in different aspects of my life.

2. My bluntness.

3. My hair.

4. My height.

5. My love for running.get-attachment.aspx

6. The things that have happened in my life who have shaped me into the person I am today.

7. My love for music and traveling.IMG_5340

8. My hope that dreams can come true after all.fad5cc97ff368a392224bc718c4a2eb4