weekly workouts.

i’m gonna make this short and sweet since i’ve got a lot to do and the Bachelor is also calling my name ;) last week’s workouts are below!

2.16.15 – 2.22.15

Monday: WSU workout #4 + 1-mile run

Tuesday: WSU workout #3 + 20-minute tabata workout

Wednesday: Zumba (actually just did about a 50-minute video off YouTube at home!)

Thursday: 15-minutes yoga

Friday: upper body circuit + 1-mile run

Saturday: OFF

Sunday: Zumba + yoga class



weekly workouts.

in tradition, here are my workouts from last week! i switched things up a little bit and have loosely been following The Fitnessista’s Winter Shape Up. the body pump class i started taking is sadly cancelled for the time being since the instructor is on maternity leave, but once she resumes teaching i hope to take it again!

2. 9. 15 – 2. 15. 15

Monday: total body weights + ~2 mile tempo run

Tuesday: frost HIIT workout + WSU workout #3

Wednesday: cardio hip hop class

Thursday: OFF

Friday: drop set circuit + 3 mile HIIT run

Saturday: Zumba

Sunday: yoga class


what’s your favorite way to workout?

coffee date.

get-attachment.aspxif we were having coffee today i would first tell you that i’m going to be an aunt!! if you read my sister’s blog then you already know this, but if not, now you do ;) to say i’m excited to be an understatement. i love kids (especially babies) so much and cannot wait to spoil my little niece or nephew. Screen Shot 2015-02-12 at 11.22.26 AM

if we were having coffee today i would probably mention school. it’s going well, just exhausting! since i work a split shift i take classes between that, then usually will workout after, so my days are usually 12-14 hours long. i’m not one to drink a lot of caffeine because, hello heart palpitations, but sometimes i just gotta have some on those days. YOLO.

if we were having coffee today i would say that my husband (aka Ed Sheeran) is coming to Indy this summer!! i’m so beyond excited. he hasn’t been here since summer 2013 and i cannot wait to see him in my hometown. if you’ve never seen him in concert i highly, highly recommend him. see if he’s coming anywhere near you!get-attachment.aspx

if we were having coffee today i would say that i cannot get enough of Zumba / cardio dance classes. i forgot how much i love them! i usually forget i’m even working out because i’m having so much fun. if you hate exercise i suggest trying one of those types of classes.

if we were having coffee today i would probably mention London and how it’s already been a year since i went. HOW? Layna and i may or may not be already planning our return trip. i need Europe back in my life ASAP.IMG_5434

and now i think were all caught up! i don’t really have much else going on that i can think of. have a lovely weekend<3


what would you tell me over coffee?

any fun plans this weekend for Valentine’s Day?

i’ll be staying home with my cat, watching cheesy rom-com movies (or Netflix) and most likely face-planting in some chocolate. what else could i ask for? ;)