Wasn’t I just typing up last week’s What I Ate Wednuesday post? Seriously where has this summer gone? This is already my last full week of camp. Pure craziness I tell you. Onto the food!


yogurt with PB2, a baked Quest bar, and granola IAJ

This breakfast doesn’t really get old. It’s so good. You’re probably sick of seeing it. Sorrynotsorry ;) Coffee on the side too.


grilled tilapia with a baked sweet potato + an [unpictured] apple

That picture is actually my dinner from last night, but I packed the same thing for lunch yesterday :) Such a good meal!images


I may have eaten a few of those seen above (but chocolate cake with chocolate frosting :) ) that we decorated during camp. I remember making those when I was younger for birthdays. Such a fun treat.


After the gym I was a little hungry and not quite ready for dinner so I had a KIND bar. It was all melty from being in my backpack all day and it made it taste even better.


zucchini bread + scrambled eggs with roasted vegetables 

I was looking through my old blog posts (does anyone else ever do that on their blog??) and came across a meal I used to eat a lot last year. I made a batch of zucchini bread on Sunday and have been enjoying it daily since. One of my favorites!


oatmeal squares, blueberries, AB cup, and almond milk

Picture is from a few weeks ago (also I wasn’t watching OTH this time, hehe), but it was basically the same, except this time it was a homemade almond butter cup. Which in my opinion, taste even better than the real thing ;)

Have a lovely Wednesday<3




Peanut butter & pizza (just not at the same time)

Let’s hop right to it, shall we? Happy WIAW!


peanut butter oats with blueberries, walnuts & chocolate chips + iced coffee with soy

With yesterday’s high only about 70*, I knew warm oats would be the perfect breakfast for a chilly morning. I hadn’t had them in forever, and they tasted amazing, especially since I had an almost empty peanut butter jar ;)get-attachment.aspx

I stopped by DD on my way to work and picked up a medium decaf coffee. Just a heads up, any size of hot coffee is only 99 cents for the month of July!


homemade veggie burger, carrots + guacamole, and an apple

When lunch rolled around none of the food I packed sounded all-that appealing. Don’t you hate when that happens? Of course I still ate it though ;)


(recycled pic) dark chocolate cherry cashew KIND bar

Usually I wait until after swimming to have a snack, but I was hungry only a couple hours after lunch. During literacy time I snacked on one of my favorite flavors of KIND bars.

After I got off work, I ran for a little while in the beautiful weather before heading home. I stopped by Kroger to pick up something for dinner as well as a Suja juice. I saw they were buy one get one free so snagged a couple of them.snack

I drank one of those, as well as had a spoonful of almond butter to tie me over until dinner.


All day yesterday I was craving Italian food, so I decided to pick up my favorite frozen pizza from the store on my way home. Amy’s Margherita pizza tastes like it came from an Italian restaurant. Hands down the best frozen pizza in my opinion. On the side I also had a can of cream soda flavored Zevia. Also the best.


I was still a little hungry after dinner so about an hour later I had a small bowl of Greek yogurt that I froze for a little while, mixed with PB2, a Reese cup, and some granola. Hit the spot :)

Enjoy your day<3