SBC {days 5,6,7,&8}

I already forgot about this challenge and we’re barely a week in. Way to go me ;) Time to play catch up! Here are days 5-8:525x525xseptember-blogging-challenge-2_thumb.png.pagespeed.ic.RGHHT6ZWBr

5. Top five highlights from summer.

In no particular order…

1. Blend!!get-attachment.aspx

2. Working at summer camp.

3. Seeing Hunter Hayes.

4. Going to Chicago.get-attachment.aspx

5. Having a low-key summer in general.

6. Six things about fall you’re looking forward to.

1. Pumpkin everything.

2. Pumpkin spice lattes (they deserve their own bullet).


4. The clothes. (big sweaters, boots, and scarves thankyouverymuch).

5. Cool, crisp, breezy weather.

6. My sister‘s wedding!!

7. Seven things you’d like to work on/improve about yourself.

1. My confidence.

2. Letting go of fear of rejection/failure.

3. Stop letting other peoples opinions get to me.

4.  Work on just being myself, without caring what other people think.

5. Train for my 6th half marathon.

6. Being more patient.

7. Be friendly to everyone I meet.

8. Eight things I love about myself.

1. My ability to be independent in different aspects of my life.

2. My bluntness.

3. My hair.

4. My height.

5. My love for running.get-attachment.aspx

6. The things that have happened in my life who have shaped me into the person I am today.

7. My love for music and traveling.IMG_5340

8. My hope that dreams can come true after all.fad5cc97ff368a392224bc718c4a2eb4





September blogging challenge {days 1,2,3,&4}

Lately I’ve sort of been in a blogging rut (which you’ve probably noticed with my lack of posting). Back in August of 2013 I took a blogging “break” (which was like a daily picture challenge) and I really enjoyed it. I came across a September blogging challenge on Gracie’s blog and it seemed like the perfect thing to do :) I’m not sure I’ll blog every day (highly unlikely), but I’ll compile a few days here and there, and hope to complete all 30 days!525x525xseptember-blogging-challenge-2_thumb.png.pagespeed.ic.RGHHT6ZWBr

To play catch up, here are days 1-4.

1. Your goal(s) for the month of September.

I feel like maybe I’ve had this “goal” for a while, as it’s something I continuously have to remind myself, but I’d really like to try to live in the moment as much as possible. I feel like I’ve gotten a teeny bit better at this, but could still use a lot of improvement. I also am trying to remind myself to just enjoy the small things. In the end, they usually end up being the “big” things :)cafd26274f89f7d9bf1b01dcf47b4134

Another little goal is to keep reading as many books as possible. I used to hate reading (like, it was my worst subject in school growing up…) but this year I’ve really gotten into it. I want to do a round up post of all the books I’ve read so far!

2. Something you’re proud of accomplishing recently.

I’m not sure that this fits exactly under this category, but I was recently promoted at my job for the YMCA a little over a month ago. It came out of complete surprise and I’m so grateful for the opportunity! get-attachment.aspx

3. Favorite fashion trend(s) right now.

I feel like this is kind of an awkward in-between stage of seasons, so it’s hard to know what to wear! I do know that I’m in desperate need of a shopping trip, that’s for sure. I’ve really been loving the look of crop tops lately. I know summer is (technically) over (refusing to believe that…) but I love how they look with a nice maxi skirt or high-waisted shorts. I do have to say I’m looking forward to oversized sweaters and leggings in the fall. Fall clothes are some of the best, am I right?be323c37cbb84fec3474527506e9014c

4. Thankful Thursday.

I have so much to be thankful for I feel like I could go on for a while, but I’ll keep it short and to the point.

-My health. Without it life can’t be lived to the fullest.

-My family. Cliche, yes, but so true.

-A job that I love.

-Sunny skies, warm weather, and fresh air.

Have a lovely day<3






A day in the life {9.2.14}

5:30am – alarm goes off. Read daily quote from ‘Stay Strong‘, get out of bed, wash face/go to bathroom/brush teeth/get ready for work.

5:55am – head downstairs. Turn Keurig on. Feed kitties. Make iced coffee. Grab a clif bar to eat during work and before kickboxing.266_clif_bar_chocolate_chip_peanut_butter_crunch

6:05am – leave for work.

6:15am – arrive at the school I work at. Do a puzzle, color, and play with kiddos for 2 hours ;)

8:20am – 1st shift of the day is over. Drive to Kroger to get gas since empty light just came on.

8:45am – arrive at gym. Go change into workout clothes.

9:00am – kickboxing tiiiiiime.

10:00am – workout done, wow my arms and shoulders are sore.

10:15am – get home. Make [second] breakfast real quick. Have a yogurt bowl with a pb2,  a baked Quest bar, and granola. Eat.get-attachment.aspx

10:30am – head downtown to go to work’s office to drop some paperwork off.

11:45am – home. Put chicken in the crock pot for dinner.

12:00pm – shower time. Do hair and make-up.

12:30pm – head to kitchen to bake some banana bread.get-attachment.aspx

1:00pm – read some blogs.

2:00pm – make lunch. Decide on Sunnie’s black bean wrap (SO GOOD). Eat.get-attachment.aspx

2:35pm – get ready to go back to work.

2:45pm – leave for work.

3:00pm – get to school. Set up, snack time, homework/quiet time, then play, play, play. (also ate a piece of banana bread that was mentioned earlier).

6:00pm – go home :)

6:15pm – home. Say hi to kitties. Play fetch with Eddie for a few mins (pretty sure he thinks he’s a dog…), change into PJs and wash face (don’t judge at how early it is…).

6:30pm – type up a couple blog posts, including this one.

7:15pm – getting hungry. Time to eat dinner. Make a sandwich with chicken I put in the crockpot earlier in the day (tastes so similar to pulled pork and even reminds me of Cafe Rio! I’m definitely a fan). Also have some broccoli salad on the side.get-attachment.aspx

7:40pm –  Watch ’19 Kids & Counting’ while blogging some more.

8:00pm – Dessert time. Maple vanilla Arctic zero with pb, homemade AB cup, and granola :)get-attachment.aspx

8:10pm – TV time.

9:15pm – bed. (remember, I get up early ;) ).



Have a great Wednesday :)