weekly workouts.

one more final and then i am done with school for the semester! this school year has gone by crazy fast. tell me that again in 3 weeks when i start taking summer classes, haha. also, i’m running another half marathon in 3 days i guess? i’m just a little nervous ;)

here are last week’s workouts!

4.20.15 – 4.26.15

Monday: 45-minutes cardio (split between walking, elliptical, and arc trainer) + Total Body Mermaid Workout

Tuesday: HIITy Bitty Bikini Workout + abs

Wednesday: 3.1 mile run, KettleToning, and Daisy Duke workout

Thursday: 30-minute HIIT workout + Bikini Arms

Friday: 45-minutes cardio

Saturday: OFF

Sunday: 4-mile run

*all workouts were from Tone It Up!


what was your favorite workout last week?

weekly workouts.

last week seemed to just fly by. the semester is coming to an end and it’s going to be over before i know it. here’s a look at last week’s workouts!

Monday: Tone It Up HIIT workout + sunkissed abs

Tuesday: Mermaid workout + yoga

Wednesday: 4-mile run + Bikini Booty routine

Thursday:  Tone It Up arm workouts + yoga

Friday: HIIT workout + abs

Saturday: OFF

Sunday: 6.2 mile run

less than two weeks until the Mini Marathon! crazy to think this will be the fourth time i’ve ran it. have an amazing week<3


the rest is still unwritten

our last day in Cali was a good one! we made sure to pack the day full of fun things. first up, we woke up before the sun so we could meet the lovely Taylor to go hiking! Screen Shot 2015-04-16 at 11.05.02 AM

it’s always fun meeting blog friends in real life. i’m a shy person at first so i was a little nervous we wouldn’t have anything to talk about but that was not the case at all! i felt like we’d been friends for years :)

we wanted to hike up to the Hollywood sign, and after getting just a little bit lost, we found some kind locals to point us in the right direction. it was a bit foggy so it was kind of hard to see, but still so neat!Screen Shot 2015-04-16 at 11.04.45 AM

after our hike we all went to breakfast at Urth Caffe. California food is SO GOOD guys. i got a honey soy latte (or something along those lines, it’s been almost a month! :( ) photo+2and a breakfast burrito that had eggs, cheese, avocado, and an awesome sauce to dip it into. so good. photo+4

we said out goodbyes to Taylor (which was so sad. we will be back :) ) and then headed back to the hotel to pack up and check out. after that we were off to do something i’ve always wanted, stand-up paddle boarding!

i really didn’t know what to expect when it came to SUP. i’d heard it was a good core workout, and that was definitely true. maybe i need to work on my core strength more because i ended up falling in not once. but four times. i’m embarrassing.photo+1

regardless, i want to do again! so much fun. after that we had to stop for lunch at a west coast classic, In ‘N Out! #noragretsScreen Shot 2015-04-16 at 11.07.49 AM

then we were off to spend the rest of the day at the beach. we’d originally planned to go to Venice since we were already at Marina Del Ray for paddle boarding, but since it was a Saturday, it.was.packed. we spent at least 30 minutes trying to find a parking spot after deciding just to head back to our favorite spot. it was a good choice.MB

around 7 we packed up and headed towards LAX so we’d have time to return the rental car and what not. i also got to try lemonade in the airport and it was soooo good. i think i need to move to LA solely for the food. haha.

our flight was scheduled to leave at 10:35pm, but after it being overbooked, we decided to be spontaneous and give up our seats in return for an extra night in LA and a gift card for doing so. free money? i’m not gonna complain about that.

our flight the next day left at 11:30am (which ended up being 12:40pm after a delay) so we didn’t get to actually do anything with our extra morning, but still. we ended up getting home at about 11:30pm and i was pooped. that 5:30am wake-up call for work the next day was killer. it took me a good week to recover from jet lag. it was all worth it though. one of the best trips yet :)