coffee date.

get-attachment.aspxif we were having coffee today i would first tell you that i’m going to be an aunt!! if you read my sister’s blog then you already know this, but if not, now you do ;) to say i’m excited to be an understatement. i love kids (especially babies) so much and cannot wait to spoil my little niece or nephew. Screen Shot 2015-02-12 at 11.22.26 AM

if we were having coffee today i would probably mention school. it’s going well, just exhausting! since i work a split shift i take classes between that, then usually will workout after, so my days are usually 12-14 hours long. i’m not one to drink a lot of caffeine because, hello heart palpitations, but sometimes i just gotta have some on those days. YOLO.

if we were having coffee today i would say that my husband (aka Ed Sheeran) is coming to Indy this summer!! i’m so beyond excited. he hasn’t been here since summer 2013 and i cannot wait to see him in my hometown. if you’ve never seen him in concert i highly, highly recommend him. see if he’s coming anywhere near you!get-attachment.aspx

if we were having coffee today i would say that i cannot get enough of Zumba / cardio dance classes. i forgot how much i love them! i usually forget i’m even working out because i’m having so much fun. if you hate exercise i suggest trying one of those types of classes.

if we were having coffee today i would probably mention London and how it’s already been a year since i went. HOW? Layna and i may or may not be already planning our return trip. i need Europe back in my life ASAP.IMG_5434

and now i think were all caught up! i don’t really have much else going on that i can think of. have a lovely weekend<3


what would you tell me over coffee?

any fun plans this weekend for Valentine’s Day?

i’ll be staying home with my cat, watching cheesy rom-com movies (or Netflix) and most likely face-planting in some chocolate. what else could i ask for? ;)


music of the month.

so i think i’ve mentioned once or twice that music is kind of a big part of my life (major understatement). whether i’m in the car driving, sitting in my room doing homework, walking to class, working out, etc, theres a 99.99999% chance i’m listening to music.

the other day i thought of a new series i’d like to start where i share a few songs that i’m loving for that month. i was originally going to call this series “Monday music” but since i have a tendency to find a song i love and listen to it a billion times until i can’t listen to it anymore i figured i wouldn’t have new songs to share every week, so monthly it is ;)

i don’t know about you, but i LOVE covers of popular songs. i love when the artist gives them their own twist and makes it their own. below are five songs i’ve had on repeat this month. i may or may not be listening to some of them as i type this post. #sorrynotsorry

1. Boom Clap by Lennon & Maisy

GUYS. this song is just so beautiful. i was already a fan of the original by Charli XCX (hello TFIOS), but dare i say i like this one even more? you can even buy the studio version of it on iTunes so now i’m able to listen to it even more.

2. Blank Space // Style by Louisa Wendorff (ft. Devin Dawson)

i came across this cover when Taylor Swift herself tweeted about it. LOVE IT SO MUCH. (ps – it’s on iTunes too).

3. Riptide (cover) by Taylor Swift

i mentioned before how i’ve started listening to Vance Joy and how much i like his music. Taylor covered his single ‘Riptide’ right before she announced that he was going to be touring with her and i love her version of it just as much as the original.

4. Sugar by Maroon 5

can i just say how much i love this band? and Adam Levine in general. this music video will melt your heart. if they showed up at my wedding i think i’d die.

5. Clean by Taylor Swift10724605_348854521963280_57638181_n

i wasn’t planning on including this song but i just can’t not share it with you. if i had to chose, this would probably be my favorite song off of 1989. i can’t even express how much this song means to me. the lyrics are everything.


what songs are you enjoying lately?

how often do you listen to music?

weekly workouts.

i mentioned last week that i wanted to start sharing my weekly workouts to not only hold myself accountable, but to hopefully inspire some of you as well. below are my workouts from last week!

2. 2. 15 – 2. 8. 15

Monday: 5-mile treadmill run

Tuesday: WSU workout #3 + arms (did a few Blogilates videos)

Wednesday: WSU workout #2

Thursday: Zumba (missed the first 10 or so minutes) + body pump

Friday: 3.5 mile tempo run + abs

Saturday: OFF

Sunday: Zumba



what’s your favorite workout as of late?

do you prefer cardio or weights more?

i tend to gravitate towards cardio just because the rush of endorphins i get during it. i’ve been trying to make an honest effort to get in more strength training though!