weekly workouts.

last week was a week where more rest happened than actual workouts. i came down with strep throat Wednesday and didn’t want to push myself. hey, it happens. being sick really makes you appreciate your health and the ability to exercise i’ll tell ya.

3. 2. 15 – 3. 8. 15

Monday: kettlebells + 10-min bodyweight HIIT + 10-min walking

Tuesday: OFF

Wednesday: OFF

Thursday: OFF

Friday: 30-minutes of easy Pilates

Saturday: cardio toning class

Sunday: Zumba


do you have a hard time not working out when you’re sick?

February faves

this month I actually remembered to take some pictures. still not quite as much as i would like, but hey, better than nothing ;)


-peanut butter cookie overnight oats 

-banana pancakes

-veggie burgers with brussels sprout hash + sweet potatoes

-crockpot enchilada quinoa (so cheesy, SO good)

-brussels sprouts + chicken sausage + sweet potato + egg

-turkey chili


-strength training


-HIIT & tempo runs

-Pilates and yoga

funphoto 3

-sledding with friends

-moving into a new room and redecorating it

-visiting friends and making lasting memories

-good music on repeat


what’s a food and exercise you enjoyed last month?

anything fun happen in February?

weekly workouts.

i promise i plan on posting more than just what i do each week for exercise. school and work and just life seemed to get the best of me last week. spring break is in TWO weeks and i am so looking forward to that little break. until then, here are last weeks workouts<3

2.23.15 – 3.1.15

Monday: full body weights + 2-mile HIIT run

Tuesday: 30-minutes of Pilates

Wednesday: Zumba

Thursday: 30-minutes of yoga

Friday: full body weights + 2-mile HIIT run

Saturday: Zumba + Pilates class

Sunday: OFF