City lights 5-miler

Last year I ran 11 races. I set a goal to run 13 (for 2013) but was short by 2. Overall, I was still proud of how many I did. This year, I don’t have a set goal of how many I’d like to run, I just want to to do as many as I can.

I got an e-mail a few weeks ago about a 5-mile nighttime race that was going to be held in downtown Indianapolis. My dad said he’d do it with me, so Saturday evening we headed downtown to run the City Lights 5-mile race!

I believe this was the first year for this race, but considering that, it was very organized. It was a small race, which I enjoyed, and it was a really pretty course.get-attachment.aspx

We started on Georgia Street, right near Banker’s Life Fieldhouse (aka where the best day of my life happened). We ran by the JW Marriot, White River State Park, the canal, IUPUI, the zoo, and then back to Georgia Street.

The race itself went really well. I was nervous as to how I’d feel running at 8 at night, but I was fine. I ran by myself for most of the race, and then my dad met up with me towards the end which was nice.get-attachment.aspx

According to my Garmin the course was a little short (4.93 I believe) but my “official” time was 46:53 and I was 1st in my age group!

One thing I loved about this race:get-attachment.aspx

free breadsticks!! (and beer for everyone 21+) at the finish. They were from Kilroy’s (a sponsor of the race) and were SO GOOD. I’d do the race again just for those ;)

Another race down in the books. I have an itch to run another half marathon so one of those might have to happen in the future…



July Favorites

I’m just going to slide past the fact that it is somehow already August. I have no idea how that happened so fast. Here’s a look at what went on in July…



Arctic Zero :: yogurt bowls:: ice cream :: Kodiak Cakes [with banana cream sauce] :: grilled tilapia :: Chipotle :: baked sweet potatoes :: frozen pizza :: cheesecake


5ks :: Fitnessista’s workouts :: barre 3 :: leisurely bike rides :: new running shoes 


the 4th of July :: sister’s engagement! :: shopping trips :: sissy’s art show :: summer camp memories :: lots of reading :: letting go of fear

Here’s to new memories, adventures, and all that has yet to come :)



Friday things.

1. How it is possible that it’s already August?? I was looking through old blog posts yesterday and part of me just can’t believe Mackinaw, concerts, my blogging “break”, and other adventures were already like a year ago. CRAZY.

2. I finally got new running shoes! YAY. My shins and knees will (hopefully) be thanking me. I decided to go with the Brooks PureFlows and am so excited to try them out. brookspureflows.aspx

3. A few days ago it was National Cheesecake Day so naturally Layna and I found ourselves at the Cheesecake Factory on Wednesday night. Half off cheesecake? Count me in.get-attachment.aspx

4. Why is it that Pandora plays what seems like every other artist than the actual artist the station is named after? I just don’t get it. But beside that, still on a 90s Pop Radio kick. Simply my favorite.

5. Yesterday Hilary and I spent the afternoon together shopping. Gotta get in the quality sister time before she leaves me come October. I kid, I kid. (seriously though, don’t leave me ;) ). Old Navy ended up having great deals and I snagged a bunch of new workout clothes. Running shorts for only 7 dollars!? You better believe I bought 3 pairs.get-attachment.aspx

6. I’m running another race tomorrow! I got an email about a nighttime race in downtown Indy and got immediately intrigued. I asked my dad if he’d want to do it with me, and sure enough he agreed. I’ve only done one night race before, so it shall be interesting but I’m pretty excited :)

7. Chicken salads from Chipotle might just be my new favorite. I usually stick to veggies or tofu, but have gotten meat a few times (ps the pork is not even close to Cafe Rio. major sad face) and it’s delicious. Screen Shot 2014-07-31 at 5.41.22 PM

8. I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend<3



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