September 11 I turned 21. I still can’t believe I’m already that old. Where have the past 21 years gone? No really though… 


 kitty photo bomb

I think 21st was one of my favorite birthdays. I seemed to pack my day full of fun, but nothing too crazy. To start, I had to work in the morning at two different schools, and at the second school I got surprised by the greatest group of 5 & 6th graders with the sweetest card. Love those kids<3get-attachment.aspx

After work I met up with Hilary for the traditional birthday breakfast (or in case this year lunch) at IHOP. get-attachment.aspx

pumpkin pancakes FTW

After that I had to get my license renewed (new picture FINALLY), and then headed out with Emily to get our nails done.

After that it was back to work (the first school from the morning) where we got to celebrate my birthday there as well :) I baked all the the kids cookies and they sang with happy birthday. My job can be stressful at times, but boy do I love it.get-attachment.aspx

After work my two best friends, sisters, and brother-in-laws all took me out to celebrate being 21! We were going to go to a new bar/restaurant called Hop Cat, but with an hour-long wait we ended up at Kilroy’s (where they have the best breadsticks, the same ones from *this race* actually).get-attachment.aspx

My first legal drink was some kind of beer Hilary picked out for me. It was good ;)get-attachment.aspx

We went to another bar after that and spent the night just hanging out and having a great time. We may have made a stop at Insomnia on the way home too… Those cookies are the best.

That weekend Layna and I headed to Nashville for the one and only ED SHEERAN. We’d been anticipating this concert since like the last time we saw him which was actually a year ago yesterday (brb crying). We left early Saturday morning and arrived around 11:30am. We ate lunch at Whiskey Kitchen and then we went to get blow-outs at The Dry House Nashville! get-attachment.aspx

#mirrorselfie ;) (please ignore my pasty white stomach. it did not see the sun once this summer).

It was my first time getting one and it was a neat experience. If only I could afford one of those everyday… ;)screen-shot-2014-09-21-at-5-31-36-pm

Then it was concert time!get-attachment.aspx

Ed was AMAZING nonetheless. If you haven’t already, please go see him in concert (I volunteer to go with you ;) ). It’s just him and his guitar (and loop pedal) up their on stage and you will get chills. I promise. Words cannot describe his greatness. It went by too fast and I’m sad thinking about how long it could be until he tours here again.get-attachment.aspx

Fast-forward to this past Saturday and I finally got to celebrate with my parents (and sister’s and brother-in-laws)! We just had a relaxed evening at home where we grilled out for dinner and had [boxed] brownies and ice cream for dessert. Yep, that’s what I requested instead of a birthday cake. I’m honestly not the biggest fan of cake (frosting is another story…) so I chose brownies. From a box because I think they taste better than homemade sorrynotsorry. get-attachment.aspx

I realize as I get older birthdays are so much more than presents, and more about the people you spend them with<3



day 11.

525x525xseptember-blogging-challenge-2_thumb.png.pagespeed.ic.RGHHT6ZWBr11. Make a wish.get-attachment.aspx

For myself on my birthday,

I wish for a year of new opportunities and new experiences.

I wish to keep loving myself more and more every single day.

I wish to live in the moment as much as I possibly can.

I wish for happiness.

I wish to not let fear control me.

I wish for motivation and determination.

I wish to step out of my comfort zone more than I probably want to.

I wish for new friendships.

I wish to let go of the things I cannot control.

I wish for dreams becoming reality. 

I wish for a year full of possibilities.



Birthday Celebrations

Happy Monday! I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. I didn’t really intend to not blog the past few days, but, well, to be honest life got in the way. It happens. Anywho, I’m back to recap some of the birthday happenin’s that went on last week.

For a little back story, I had a horrible 18th birthday two years ago (honestly have no idea why, I think it had to do with the fact I was away at school), but ever since, my mom always does the sweetest things to make sure I have a good birthday (she’s the best).

Last weekend we went out to eat to celebrate a little early since my birthday was during the week and this past weekend both my sisters were out of town. I chose to eat at the same restaurant we did last year and then the plan was to come back home and have cupcakes for dessert. get-attachment.aspx

We enjoyed dinner but throughout the meal I wasn’t feeling very well. I had a stomachache earlier in the day and then a headache came on later as we got to the restaurant. I thought I was just hungry and it’d go away once I ate, but it actually made it worse. Long story short cupcakes definitely didn’t happen since as soon as we got home from dinner I curled up into bed for the rest of the night.

I was bummed I got sick, but I still enjoyed having dinner with my family. Since we ordered cupcakes from a bakery we decided to freeze them and have them later in the week when we could all enjoy them.

On my actual birthday (thankfully I felt all better!), I woke up to a beautiful sunny day. get-attachment.aspx

balloons from my mom :)

Hilary took me out to breakfast, IMG_4107

my dad sent me flowers since he was out of town for work (how did I get so lucky?), get-attachment.aspx

the vase is a coffee mug. how cute!?

And then me, my mom, and Emily went to paint pottery later in the afternoon (Hilary works nights so she couldn’t come).get-attachment.aspx

We ended the night with dinner at a local Greek restaurant and some froyo.get-attachment.aspx

Because a birthday’s just not complete without it :)

Thursday night we got to “finish” celebrating and finally eat the cupcakes! We ordered Gigi’s Cupcakes which is originally based in Nashville, but we have one near downtown Indy too! get-attachment.aspx

We grilled up some homemade pizzas (which I really need to share the recipes for because they’re delicious) and had dessert.IMG_4128

I also opened my cards from my family and received quite the gag gift from Emily and Jordan which I’m not sharing because the story behind it is embarrassing ;) IMG_4127

My birthday present from my parents has to do with Layna and I’s road trip that is this upcoming weekend. I’m waiting to share what that is though :)

Friday Layna and I went to Purdue to visit with friends. We went out to dinner at Scotty’s Brewhouse which is a new favorite of mine. Great food and cheap prices. I’m sold. I got the vegetarian black bean wrap. I could only eat half because it was so filling, but so so good!get-attachment.aspx

waffle fries FTW

Also they served their water in mason jars which I’m a total sucker for.


We also ended up getting Insomnia cookies delivered at midnight. If you’ve never had them, please go drive to a college campus and try them out for yourself. You’ll thank me later.

Layna and I rounded out our trip Saturday morning with breakfast at Panera and a day full of shopping. Nothing quite like it :)

I feel so spoiled. I sure don’t deserve that many days of “celebrating”. My family and friends are the best<3

Have a marvelous Monday :)