Marvelous Monday

I’ve noticed that a lot of different blogs have different challenges for the month of June. Angela’s salad-a-day, Courtney’s yoga challenge, and Katie’s tea time 2012 just to name a few. Katie also started a new part of her blog, Marvelous Monday. You can read more about it here, but what it basically is is a simple way for all bloggers (and readers) to have a great start to the week, just by sharing something marvelous to make the new week start off on a great note.

I love Katie’s positive attitude about life, and she alway puts a smile on my face. Since she is one of my favorite bloggers, I knew that I had to participate in this great little “challenge”. I encourage you all to do the same! :)

Here is what made my Monday marvelous<3

A filling/nutritious/delicious breakfast:

perfect protein pancakes

A great sweat-session this morning:

still no running (I tried, but my knee started to hurt), so I took it to the elliptical and stationary bike instead

Someone else doing my hair because I was too lazy didn’t feel like doing it:

courtesy of my momma ;)

(Oh how I wish I could have a personal hair stylist. I dread doing my hair everyday. Whoever said short hair was easy to take care of was lying. My long hair was seemed so much easier ;))

Lunch at my favorite restaurant with my bestie:

#teatime12 ;):

iced acai berry tea with lemon

Oh, and this happened. Per usual:

Dinner (aka salad-a-day #2):

Gina’s tempeh taco “meat” salad style

And currently unwinding with a little HIMYM:


I’d say that was a pretty marvelous Monday ;) The night will continue by stalking reading some blogs and watching the premiere of Bunhead’s (written by the same person who created Gilmore Girls<3).

Peace and Love,


What made your Monday marvelous?

WIAW: Tone It Up Edition

Happy Wednesday<3 Since I started the Tone It Up plan last Friday, I’ve been incorporating their eating philosophy into my meals. There actually isn’t too much of a difference then how I was eating before, just some tips of when to eat certain types of foods.



TIU bombshell spell, oatmeal topped with blueberries & honey, and coffee 

My breakfasts are the one meals that haven’t changed at all, except for the addition of the bombshell spell or meta-d, which are part of the nutrition plan. The plan calls for a snack between breakfast and lunch, but since I prefer a breakfast that keeps me full until lunch, I sorta skip that one and have it after dinner, since I need a little dessert before bed ;)


spinach nuggets, sweet potato wedges, and half a banana with peanut butter

I love that the spinach nuggets are all natural, and made with wholesome ingredients. Dipped in ketchup they’re even tastier.


quinoa, almond milk, chocolate-covered craisins, and peanut butter

I cooked up a big batch of quinoa a couple days ago, and have been eating it throughout the week. There’s a recipe in the TIU plan similar to my snack and I got inspiration from Katelyn’s she had the other day.


my #saladaday topped with roasted veggies, an egg, & hummus, and some cottage cheese

I’ve been participating in Angela’s salad a day in June and so far, I’m loving it. I love salads already, and it just gives me more motivation to make sure I eat at least one a day.


mama pea’s protein ice cream topped with trail mix

I swear this reminds me of a chocolate frosty from Wendy’s, except that it’s good for you ;) I’ve been eating this every night and it gets better and better each time.

I started typing this post this morning, and now it’s after 3pm. Hmm…I should really work on getting less distracted ;) Have a great rest of your day<3

Peace and Love,