A day in the life {9.2.14}

5:30am – alarm goes off. Read daily quote from ‘Stay Strong‘, get out of bed, wash face/go to bathroom/brush teeth/get ready for work.

5:55am – head downstairs. Turn Keurig on. Feed kitties. Make iced coffee. Grab a clif bar to eat during work and before kickboxing.266_clif_bar_chocolate_chip_peanut_butter_crunch

6:05am – leave for work.

6:15am – arrive at the school I work at. Do a puzzle, color, and play with kiddos for 2 hours ;)

8:20am – 1st shift of the day is over. Drive to Kroger to get gas since empty light just came on.

8:45am – arrive at gym. Go change into workout clothes.

9:00am – kickboxing tiiiiiime.

10:00am – workout done, wow my arms and shoulders are sore.

10:15am – get home. Make [second] breakfast real quick. Have a yogurt bowl with a pb2,  a baked Quest bar, and granola. Eat.get-attachment.aspx

10:30am – head downtown to go to work’s office to drop some paperwork off.

11:45am – home. Put chicken in the crock pot for dinner.

12:00pm – shower time. Do hair and make-up.

12:30pm – head to kitchen to bake some banana bread.get-attachment.aspx

1:00pm – read some blogs.

2:00pm – make lunch. Decide on Sunnie’s black bean wrap (SO GOOD). Eat.get-attachment.aspx

2:35pm – get ready to go back to work.

2:45pm – leave for work.

3:00pm – get to school. Set up, snack time, homework/quiet time, then play, play, play. (also ate a piece of banana bread that was mentioned earlier).

6:00pm – go home :)

6:15pm – home. Say hi to kitties. Play fetch with Eddie for a few mins (pretty sure he thinks he’s a dog…), change into PJs and wash face (don’t judge at how early it is…).

6:30pm – type up a couple blog posts, including this one.

7:15pm – getting hungry. Time to eat dinner. Make a sandwich with chicken I put in the crockpot earlier in the day (tastes so similar to pulled pork and even reminds me of Cafe Rio! I’m definitely a fan). Also have some broccoli salad on the side.get-attachment.aspx

7:40pm –  Watch ’19 Kids & Counting’ while blogging some more.

8:00pm – Dessert time. Maple vanilla Arctic zero with pb, homemade AB cup, and granola :)get-attachment.aspx

8:10pm – TV time.

9:15pm – bed. (remember, I get up early ;) ).



Have a great Wednesday :)




A good day of eats.

Yesterday was one of those days where everything just sort of hit the spot. Don’t you kinda love it when that happens? :) Here’s what was being eaten yesterday!WIAWbutton



Since my first shift of work (I work a split shift) is from 6:15-8:30am, I usually need something to tide me over until I can eat a real breakfast when I get home. On Tuesdays I usually take kickboxing at 9am at the gym after work, so I had peanut butter chocolate chip clif bar for a “pre-breakfast” to give me some energy. I also had some homemade iced coffee along the side :)


I didn’t get home from the gym until about 10:15am and was more than ready for a heartier meal. I decided to go with my favorite choice of summer, greek yogurt with pb2, granola, and a baked Quest bar. I hadn’t had it in quite some time and it was delicious.


Since I ate breakfast so late, I wasn’t that hungry when lunch time rolled around. I held off eating until the latest possible since I had to be back to work, and decide to go with a salad with 1/2 a roasted sweet potato, cucumber, turkey, dried cranberries, pistachios, egg whites, goat cheese and honey lemon dressing. I also had a rice cake topped with pb&j on the side to round out my meal.


By the time I got home from work I was more than ready for dinner. I decided to go with something easy and chose to eat my favorite frozen pizza. I also had some carrots & hummus on the side.


I finally tried the coconut Arctic Zero, and it is SO GOOD. It tastes so close to coconut milk ice cream I cannot believe it. I topped it with a homemade almond butter cup, granola, and pb2. So good!




Wasn’t I just typing up last week’s What I Ate Wednuesday post? Seriously where has this summer gone? This is already my last full week of camp. Pure craziness I tell you. Onto the food!


yogurt with PB2, a baked Quest bar, and granola IAJ

This breakfast doesn’t really get old. It’s so good. You’re probably sick of seeing it. Sorrynotsorry ;) Coffee on the side too.


grilled tilapia with a baked sweet potato + an [unpictured] apple

That picture is actually my dinner from last night, but I packed the same thing for lunch yesterday :) Such a good meal!images


I may have eaten a few of those seen above (but chocolate cake with chocolate frosting :) ) that we decorated during camp. I remember making those when I was younger for birthdays. Such a fun treat.


After the gym I was a little hungry and not quite ready for dinner so I had a KIND bar. It was all melty from being in my backpack all day and it made it taste even better.


zucchini bread + scrambled eggs with roasted vegetables 

I was looking through my old blog posts (does anyone else ever do that on their blog??) and came across a meal I used to eat a lot last year. I made a batch of zucchini bread on Sunday and have been enjoying it daily since. One of my favorites!


oatmeal squares, blueberries, AB cup, and almond milk

Picture is from a few weeks ago (also I wasn’t watching OTH this time, hehe), but it was basically the same, except this time it was a homemade almond butter cup. Which in my opinion, taste even better than the real thing ;)

Have a lovely Wednesday<3