weekend things.

photo 4

oatmeal & ‘Say Yes To The Dress’ after a Zumba class (kitty photo bomb)

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celebrating my dad’s birthday with my family!

photo 1

finally finishing The Giver quartet, so far, it’s a good one!traveljar

my best friend and i decided to each start a ‘travel jar’ to put money into every few weeks or so. were planning a big trip after we graduate from college so we want to start saving now. i picked this cute one up at Target for only $3. Target FTW. 

in other news, I’M GOING TO LOS ANGELES. i’ve written time and time again how i’ve always wanted to go to southern California and this spring break i’m finally making that dream come true. dream impossible dreams y’all<3


what is something you did this weekend?

have you ever been to LA before? if so, i’ll take any suggestions of what to do or see!

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life lately.

long time no blog. i’m currently sitting in my school’s coffee shop killing about an hour until my next class. this whole being on campus all day is different to me that’s for sure, since last semester i took only online classes. it does feel nice to interact with people my own age though ;)

Gina did a fun little survey-type post on her blog the other day and it inspired to do one of my own.

reading: i’m actually reading Gina’s book at the moment “HIIT It!”. So far i’m enjoying it and learning more about effective HIIT training which i’ve been incorporating a little more into my workouts lately. i need to go to the library to get a novel to read though. i really want to read ‘Son” which is the final book to ‘The Giver’ quartet.

watching: i blame my sisters and mom for this one, but i’ve totally gotten sucked into ‘The Bachelor/ette’ these past three seasons. the drama. Monday’s episode had my cringing multiple times. but you just can’t look away, haha. another show i’ve become obsessed with again? NEW GIRL. i.cannot.stop. i’ve see all the episodes before but i just forgot how good of a show it is. bless you Netflix.images

listening: lately i’ve been listening to Ed Sheeran’s album “+”. i forgot how good that album is. i’ve also been enjoying Vance Joy like i mentioned on Friday, and have finally started listening to ‘The 1975′. i kind of put off listening to them because it seemed like that’s what everyone else was doing, but i have to admit, they’re pretty good. Paramore has also been popping up on my iPod. i used to listen to them in high school and recently added some of their songs to my workout playlist. good stuff.

wearing: my outfit today is yoga pants, my work shirt, my favorite fleece from Old Navy (i have it in 3 different colors. can’t beat the price!), a scarf, and classic UGGS. i’m thankful for a job where i can wear yoga pants ;) (i go straight from work to school then back to work). sadly this is what i wear most days, but in the cold weather it’s the only thing that really sounds appealing. i literally wash more workout clothes than normal ones on laundry day. it could be worse i guess.

eating: baked sweet potatoes, Applegate Farms turkey burgers, these one pot burrito bowls, Quest bars, hot oats, dark chocolate, lots of (mostly roasted) veggies. photo 3

drinking: soy lattes, Peet’s decaf blend (everrrry morning), zevia, lots of water.

looking forward to: enjoying the present moment. learning new things in school. being open to new adventures. the future.



your turn! what are you reading/watching/listening/eating?


five things.


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  • i hate to start off our date by talking about the weather, BUT it has been coooold here in the midwest. school’s been cancelled the past two days for the township i work for because of it. it is torture i tell ya walking to and from places, especially before/after the sun is out!
  • i think i’ve mentioned my love of ‘Dancing With the Stars’ on here before, but if not, it has easily become one of my favorite shows. every time i watch it i wish i were famous solely for the fact to be on that show, haha. on Wednesday my mom and sister went to see DWTS Live on Tour! it was a Christmas present to Emily and me and it was an amazing show! they performed some routines from the show plus some new ones. my favorite was probably a dance Witney, Val (my faveeeeee), and Mark did to Ed Sheeran’s ‘Don’t”. also, seeing Alfonso Riberio (aka Carlton from Fresh Prince and the winner of season 19 of DWTS) doing “The Carlton” in person was pretty fun :)photo 1
  • this week i’ve been listening to Vance Joy on repeat. i heard his single “Riptide” on the radio and loved it but didn’t know who sang it. then i found out he’s opening for Taylor Swift on the 1989 Tour and made the connection. once again i can thank Taylor for making me fall in love with new-to-me musicians (ahem, Ed Sheeran).
  • last week i tried my first Les Mills Body Pump class at a new gym i started taking classes at. i was a little intimidated to go by myself, but i’m proud of myself for doing it! it was a fun workout but tough! i hope to take more classes in the future.
  • school starts on Monday. in some ways i’m actually excited because of my major change, but i’m also nervous. i just hope i enjoy my classes at little bit at least. just gotta think of that finish line :)

have an amazing weekend<3