SBC days 12-15



So I’ve been MIA for a while. Oops. Time to start playing catch up! I want to try to stay on top of the September Blogging Challenge so here are days 12-15. I also still need to recap my 21st birthday and my weekend in Nashville. Look for that soon! :)

12. Favorite quote(s). e2e5315aa1abafb41a600ba2fba6652fb7dc4829ff6843b40a183a65b74af9c4 af6798226762698e6e030bc6efd7b2e2 4089ff2f144f114b99ed2c73859a6644ed1643556fe8c2cd9ee0845bc11861ba
13. Your top guilty pleasures.
  • Reality TV
  • ice cream. and chocolate. and peanut butter.
  • Spending the day laying in bed watching Netflix/movies.
  • Taylor Swift music
14. Your favorite things about blogging.
  • A creative outlet.
  • A place to be myself.
  • A space for me to let my feelings out.
  • A “diary” of some sort.
  • A way to remember the good (and sometimes bad) things that happen in my life.
15. Favorite TV show(s).
  • Gilmore Girls
  • Pretty Little Liars
  • How I Met Your Mother
  • New Girl
  • Any and all reality TV shows #noshame



day 11.

525x525xseptember-blogging-challenge-2_thumb.png.pagespeed.ic.RGHHT6ZWBr11. Make a wish.get-attachment.aspx

For myself on my birthday,

I wish for a year of new opportunities and new experiences.

I wish to keep loving myself more and more every single day.

I wish to live in the moment as much as I possibly can.

I wish for happiness.

I wish to not let fear control me.

I wish for motivation and determination.

I wish to step out of my comfort zone more than I probably want to.

I wish for new friendships.

I wish to let go of the things I cannot control.

I wish for dreams becoming reality. 

I wish for a year full of possibilities.



SBC {days 9&10}

525x525xseptember-blogging-challenge-2_thumb.png.pagespeed.ic.RGHHT6ZWBrFor these two days I’m gonna do them a little different, if that’s alright with ya’ll. Since all I wear during the week is pretty much yoga pants, I don’t think you really wanna see a picture of that. Also, since I just did a ‘day in the life’ post last week, I’m gonna count that for number 10 :) So for day 9, here are some outfits I wish I currently had in my closest ;)

9. OOTD. 80e658b5bc14aecaaf5f44b65d8c376d 4effae8d5820b551ef09c736705732e9 b8ac6a0200492f10d52415304136e89d 40e258ce2c92038cc940ed535dcd3ebd

obsessed with her hair.

10. Day in the life.

Make today a good one<3